Subdivision – Lot 12 (#290) Adelaide Street

Location: Wycombe

Multi staged Special Survey Area (SSA) Subdivision
Stage 1 – 10 Freehold Lots, 1 Reserve for Recreation and 1 Road
Stage 2 – 4 Freehold Lots Subdivision (3 Single Residential Lots and 1 Grouped Housing Lot)
Stage 3 – 5 Lot Survey Strata within the Grouped Housing Lot

Initial Surveys

Detail survey of site and adjoining roads to facilitate engineering design.

Surround survey to tie down parent lot boundary lines to facilitate pre-calculation plan of subdivision

Prepared Pre-calculation pan of site based on surround survey and planners design approved by WA Planning Commission (WAPC) to facilitate engineering design.

De Nada Surveys was also commissioned by the civil contractor on site to set out roads and services for construction.

Completed as-constructed surveys of sewer, water, drainage, retaining walls, and roads to relevant authorities standards.


Deposited Plans and Survey Strata Plans were prepared for lodgement at Landgate.

Prepared clearances to relevant authorities in consultation with the client, engineers, civil contractor, and relevant authorities.

Coordinated clearance responses and progress Deposited Plans and Survey Strata Plan through to In Order for Dealings as each stage progressed.


20 September 2016


Subdivision – Lot 12 (#290) Adelaide Street


Land Development
Subdivision – Lot 12 (#290) Adelaide Street


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